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Our soundproofed Melbourne rehearsal studio rooms are new and so is our Backline Studio brand meaning we go the extra mile to keep the bands that come through our rehearsal studio doors happy.

Our rehearsal studios in Melbourne are relatively new and freshly built up from the concrete that lays underneath with the goal in mind for best music and sound production to get that live band and professional feel. With this rehearsal studio Melbourne and the bands within will find it hard not to love and use for music rehearsal.

Located on the border of North Melbourne in Kensington, we aim to provide you with the best rehearsal room hire and all the equipment you could want. We have two rehearsal studio rooms, both with mics, mixer and PA system but one with a lot extra backline.

Just roll up and play

Our main and most popular rehearsal studio room is the  'Purple Room'. It's popularity comes from the fact that when you, the band, roll up to the rehearsal room, all thats required is to walk in and plug in instruments to rehearse. The room is fully kitted with PA, mixer, mics but more importantly with backline equipment including a drum kit, bass head with speaker cab also speaker cab with amp for two guitar inputs. 

Or bring your own backline gear

The 'Green Room' allows bands that are more specific about their rehearsal studio Melbourne sound to use their own equipment alongside our supplied PA system, mics and mixer. Some bands may just need a rehearsal studio hire to stop annoying the neighbours or want a cheap rehearsal studio room which we can help you with. Our rehearsal studio including backline in popular as it takes a lot of the hassle out of music rehearsal. Bands can just hook their instruments into Backline's rehearsal studio backline equipment with additional mixer and PA. We are affiliated with an audio visual hire company so more equipment can also be supplied, just ask.

To make a booking click the 'Book Now' button on the side or give us a call on 03 9372 5244 and ask when Backline Studio is available.