About Backline Rehearsal Studios

(03) 9372 5266

2/321 Arden St, Kensington

Based in Kensington, near inner Melbourne and no nosy neighbours. Everyone can jam their heart out without worry.

Soundproofed and Treated

Built from the ground up to suit musicians playing. Each wall, floor and ceiling is layered with sound treated material. We went the extra few kms in the build (double plaster, sound-treating insulation and double the flooring.

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to feel like like you are at home. To feel like you're jamming and rehearsing in the comfort of your own home, except no noise complaints.

2/321 Arden St Kensington, VIC

At the end of Arden St, we are just outside the border of North Melbourne.

  • Inner suburb of Melbourne
  • Near Footscray, Flemington, Parkville, West Melbourne
  • Parking directly out the front, moving gear is no problem
  • Partners with an audio-visual company

We have a specific advantage as we are associated with Wwave, an established audio-visual company with easy access to any specific equipment you may need. Whether or not you're carrying in extra gear, our parking is within 5 meters of the entrance.

(03) 9372 5266

Unlike some music studios, ours was built with one purpose in mind. You see a painted wall but we see everything that is behind that paint.

  • 2 layers of thickened plaster wall & ceiling
  • Soundproofed floors
  • Specialised soundproof insulation
  • Ventilated and air-conditioned rooms

Soundproofing foam is one thing but to have everything else is another. Users of our studios always say they love the experience which comes from the effort and energy that has gone into each and every room.

You're happy, we're happy

At the end of the day if you aren't happy with the experience, we'll do everything we can to make your next rehearsal better.

  • Space for creativity
  • Space for fine tuning
  • We are committed to growth
  • We are open to feedback

We are a young music rehearsal studio with the goal of becoming a name in the Melbourne music scene. Book a session and you won't be disappointed.

Backline Studios provides professional quality backline in three custom built, sound controlled studios

Our vision is to create a facility that reduces the logistical issues involved in band rehearsals. As standard our purple room has a 6 piece drum kit with hardware, two guitar cabinets and a bass rig.

All the rooms are also fitted with a two-way PA system, mixing console, microphones, leads and stands. In effect this will minimise both transport logistics of gear and the setup/pack down time associated with bringing your own gear every time you want to rehearse.

The studios also have the convenience of a central location residing at Unit 2 / 321 Arden street on the border of North Melbourne and Kensington.

Our Studios offer affordable and comfortable facility with split system air conditioning/heating and ventilation in every room, as well as a reception/lounge area with private amenities

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